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About Mark Bartley

Mark is Managing Director of Limegreen Print Solutions, and sister company Limegreen Office Products. With the ability to provide everything for the office, Limegreen have become a very popular partner both locally and nationally - based purely on Marks vision and steadfast belief in Simple solutions for everyone.

Digital or Lithographic Print?

Well, the simple answer to this, is that there is no simple answer to this.
You’ll have a lot factors to take into account when you’re deliberating over an answer to this one, but rest assured there is no right or wrong answer.
Need your print to be bespoke for each […]

Brand Management & Brand Control

Brand control, or Brand Management, doesn’t need to be one of those buzzwords that gets thrown about which you don’t really understand. In respect of print management and your printed business materials, the concept of brand control is a simple one to understand.

Here at Limegreen, we define brand […]

What Business Stationery is Essential to your Business?

Although the internet makes communication easy – you can send email to customers rather than a letter for example – some business stationery is essential for many businesses. Being a paperless office is increasingly something we hear many brands are aiming for but, for most organisations, some form of […]

New Limegreen Print Management Site Now Live

Ta-da! The brand new Limegreen Print Management site is now up and running. If you’re a frequent visitor you’ll notice some exciting new additions. If you’re new to us, pull up a chair and have a look around.

You’ll find lots of helpful material such as the latest news, insight […]